John stott

John Stott


The impact of John Stott’s ministry continues today through his books and the ministries he founded, such as the Langham Partnership, as they work to multiply church leaders in the Majority World.


Our God is a Missionary God

Contemporary Challenges to the Church: A Call to Radical Nonconformity

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John Stott Daily Bible Study

30 Nov 2022

A Commentary by John Stott Matthew 7:15-20. A Christian’s relationships: To false prophets. a. Assumptions. In telling people to *beware of false prophets*, Jesus obviously assumed that there were such. There is no sense in putting on your garden gate the notice ‘beware of the dog’ if all you have at home is a couple […]

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John’s words help you to answer the most compelling questions facing Christians today:

  • How can I interpret the scriptures?
  • What’s the purpose of the church?
  • What does it mean to be a disciple?

This five-volume series includes The Bible, The Disciple, The Church, The World, and The Gospel.


“John Stott foresaw the rise of Christianity in the global south before most others. He got out there first and he saw the need for training. His ministry has been a game changer.”

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Tim Keller, Pastor at Redeemer

Join with John and strengthen the global church.

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