The Life and Legacy of John Stott, Anglican Priest, Theologain and Founder of LICC | WEBINAR

Photo by Kieran Dodds

calendar icon April 27, 2021
7:00 p.m. BST

person iconLICC

location iconOnline

Celebrated theologian, Anglican priest, and LICC founder – on 27 April, the centenary of John Stott’s birth, join us as we rediscover his life and legacy, and why this ordinary radical is so hard to put in any box.

Uncle John, as he was affectionately known, was no stranger to conflict and division, demonstrating steely resolve in the face of criticism. And yet his practice of ‘triple listening’ – to the word of God, the world, and the church body – built a habit of gentleness that carried beyond his preaching to everyday life and even the public square.

Emeritus Professor John Wyatt, influenced by Stott as his mentor, similarly finds himself in the midst of debate in the public square today. Prof Wyatt’s advocacy for the protection of human life, especially at its beginning and end – grappling with abortion and euthanasia – has led him into conversations calling for resilience and wisdom in equal measure.

Putting your head above the parapet means you will take fire. How tempting it is to fire back in those moments – to defend ourselves and go on the rhetorical attack! Yet, as Christ followers, we are called to be agents of reconciliation, being ‘quick to listen, slow to speak, and slow to become angry’ (James 1:19). But what does that look like practically when we’re feeling challenged? Who better to ask than John Wyatt, who will draw lessons in his keynote address from both his own wide experience and John Stott’s long life of leadership and service.

LICC CEO Paul Woolley will also present a short talk on the global impact of John Stott’s ‘radical conservatism’, and former LICC Managing Director, Tracy Cotterell, will afterwards lead a rich three-way conversation exploring the ongoing relevance of Stott’s life and legacy for whole-life discipleship today. A video tribute will also feature some rarely heard first-hand stories of how Uncle John practiced triple listening.

Join us for an inspiring evening looking backwards and forwards as we each invest in a Christlike legacy.