Episodes 24 – Dr Ajith Fernando

After 35 years as the director of Youth for Christ (YfC) Sri Lanka, Ajith Fernando stepped back to become Teaching Director, giving him the space to write and teach that he’d struggled to find previously. Brought up in a Christian home which highly prized the exposition of the scriptures, it was unsurprising that he would find a model and mentor in the writing of John Stott. However, he has followed his lead in many different ways ever since, including being instrumental in committing YfC Sri Lanka to serving the country’s poor with various relief and discipleship programmes. He learned the importance of the simple lifestyle from Uncle John and with his wife Nelun, two adult children and four grandchildren, has made a profound contribution to the mission of the global church. A graduate of Asbury and Fuller seminaries, he has been awarded honorary doctorates by Asbury, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, Gordon-Conwell seminary, and Tyndale Seminary in Canada.

Produced by Langham Partnership UKI