Episode 3 – Christopher Catherwood

It is not a debate many outside the UK are aware of, nor is it that well known today within Britain. But the consequences of the impassioned address given by ’the Doctor’, Martyn Lloyd-Jones of Westminster Chapel, at the October 1966 National Assembly of Evangelicals, are argued over to this day. He had been given the topic of ‘unity’ and explained his incomprehension at believers working in denominations that weren’t simply mixed but full of people who actually denied the gospel. So he appealed for people to come out to work in some kind of loose network or partnership. Immediately afterwards, the chairman, John Stott stood up and challenged the premise and appeal. It was a watershed moment for the British Church. Andrew Atherstone does a good job here at putting it into its wider context.

Not many people know that in the gallery at that event was an 11-year old boy, sitting with his mother to watch his grandfather speaking. And he is the guest on this episode of The Stott Legacy! Christopher Catherwood is a modern historian (who has specialised amongst other things on Winston Churchill). But it is his memories as Martyn Lloyd-Jones’ grandson and as a friend of John Stott that is the reason for talking with him here.