Episode 6 – Dr Greg Johnson

Greg Johnson is Lead Pastor at Memorial Presbyterian (PCA) in St Louis, Missouri, a church he has served in various capacities for nearly 20 years. He is also a church historian, who completed a PhD in Historical Theology through St Louis University. But the reason he finds himself at the centre of various church political storms is that he is described, variously, as a gay or same-sex-attracted celibate Christian, a situation which sees him the target of attacks from conservatives and liberals alike within and without the church. 
His new book Still Time To Care (out next month), traces the various approaches to homosexuality taken by evangelicals over the last 50 or 60 years and is both fascinating and chilling (in equal measure). Its most encouraging aspect, however, is the thread he draws between the complimentary, careful stances of four key leaders: Billy Graham, Francis Schaeffer, C.S. Lewis, and John Stott. So Mark met up with him in St Louis back in June to discuss the impact of Uncle John in particular.