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The Bible for Today features in-depth Bible studies from the ministry of John Stott, founder of the Langham Partnership. These sermons are made available to the public through the generosity of All Souls Church in London.


Episode 1 – Introduction to Genesis (Part 1)

John Stott explains why we must have the firm foundation of Genesis in place if we are ever to build our understanding of Scripture.


Episode 2 – Introduction to Genesis (Part 2)

John Stott shows how Genesis is ‘God Breathed’ and must be regarded primarily as a book of salvation and not of science.

Episode 3 – A Charge to Church Elders (Part 1)

Whilst the leadership within each church may vary, John Stott uncovers the blueprint for church leadership that is laid out in Scripture.

Episode 4 – A Charge to Church Elders (Part 2)

John Stott uses the example of the apostle Paul to show how church leadership should be done according to Scripture.

Episode 5 – The Status of Sons (Part 1)

John Stott explains what is involved in being a child of God and living as God’s children in the world with God as our Father.

Episode 6 – The Status of Sons (Part 2)

John Stott shows us that for us to be sons of God we must be united to Him by faith in Jesus Christ, making us God’s children by adoption.

Episode 7 – God’s New Society (Part 1)

John Stott explains why we can feel a sense of meaninglessness and lostness in the world.

Episode 8 – God’s New Society (Part 2)

John Stott shows us that our relationship with God is made possible through the work of Christ in abolishing the law in order to create a new humanity.

Episode 9 – No Compromise with the Devil (Part 1)

Whilst Christ-likeness should be the goal of every Christian, John Stott shows us how the Holy Spirit is transforming us into the image of Christ.


Episode 10 – No Compromise with the Devil (Part 2)

When we succumb to temptation as Christians, John Stott shows us that Christ left us an example of how to deal with temptation and the devil.


Episode 11 – Unto Christ (Part 1)

John Stott shows us that as Christians we are always to set Christ before us, and our concern should be to serve Him more and more.


Episode 12 – Unto Christ (Part 2)

John Stott explains how our relationships with our colleagues and one another will only be right when we are in a right relationship with God.


Episode 13 – Peace with God (Part 1)

John Stott shows us that peace is far more than the absence of conflict or noise. He explains that true peace is different because it relies not on external circumstances but on our relationship with God through Christ.


Episode 14 – Peace with God (Part 2)

We can long for peace between nations, in our jobs, in our homes and in our relationships. But John Stott shows us that we will never be at peace with one another until we are at peace with God through Jesus Christ.


Episode 15 – Encounter with Jesus (Part 1)

John Stott explains that Christianity is not us being a slave to a belief or ethical system but the freedom that can only be found through faith and trust in Christ.


Episode 16 – Encounter with Jesus (Part 2)

John Stott shows us that there is a world of difference between knowing about Jesus and knowing Jesus personally, and how this can only happen by us opening our hearts to accept Christ as Savior.


Episode 17 – The Spirit and the Bible (Part 1)

John Stott explains how the Bible came into existence and how God spoke to individual writers through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. John Stott shows why the Holy Bible and the Holy Spirit are inseperable.


Episode 18 – The Spirit and the Bible (Part 2)

John Stott shows how that being faithful to the Bible can often result in the church facing opposition, and why we need to be steadfast in our belief in the Scriptures.


Episode 19 – Marks of a Healthy Church (Part 1)

John Stott explains that while it is good to expect revival in the church, there are certain things that are necessary for this to happen. He shows that the church must firstly be healthy, and what constitutes a healthy church.


Episode 20 – Marks of a Healthy Church (Part 2)

John Stott shows how it is sometimes possible to avoid ‘speaking truth to power’ if it means receiving less opposition. He explains that there must be steadfastness in adherence to what the Bible says regarless of the cost. 

Episode 21 – Jesus Christ – Tried, Tested And Proven (Part 1)

John Stott investigates how the church went from being a handful of people that Jesus gathered around Him to the world-wide phenomenon it is today.

Episode 22 – Jesus Christ: Tried, Tested And Proven (Part 2)

John Stott shows that although we have never seen Jesus, there were many who did when He was on earth. Some of those people wrote down eye-witness accounts of what they saw. Stott investigates some of these accounts.

Episode 23 – The Cross and God (Part 1)

John Stott shows how that the cross of Christ is not only a deed done for us but a word spoken to us. The cross demonstrates God’s love to us despite our being completely undeserving of it.

Episode 24 – The Cross and God (Part 2)

John Stott explains that God’s love is shown to us by the action he took in giving the most valuable gift possible in the person of His son Jesus.

Episode 25 – The Bible – Trustworthy or Fallible? (Part 1)

John Stott shows that in a world of relativism there is absolute truth to be found in the Bible, and why the Bible can be seen to be completely infallible.

Episode 26 – The Bible – Trustworthy or Fallible? (Part 2)

John Stott investigates how of the thousands who saw Jesus when He was on earth, some wrote eye witness accounts which we now have as the four Gospels.

Episode 27 – God of Love (Part 1)

John Stott explains why we will never truly know what it is to be a human being unless we know the God who made us and why there is a huge difference between knowing about God and knowing Him personally.

Episode 28 – God of Love (Part 2)

John Stott shows us that if we have been born again, we will manifest the nature of the God who has begotten us again and we should exhibit the love of the God we claim to know.

Episode 29 – Jesus, The Saviour of the World (Part 1)

John Stott gives one aspect of the fourfold portrait of Christ as painted by Dr. Luke in his gospel record. He shows that no one is untouchable by Christ, the healer of broken lives and hearts.

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