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For all his public ministry and the global influence through his writing, John Stott was deeply loved as a treasured friend. All over the world, individuals remember his prayerful concern and words in season. He was not a man to present himself publicly in one way only to undermine that in private.

In commemorating the centenary of his birth this year, what better way than spending time with some of those friends. In each episode, we will meet someone to hear their stories and learn some of the lessons they themselves learned Uncle John.


Episode 1 – Gottfried Osei-Mensah

Stott with Gotfried

Gottfried Osei-Mensah was grew up in Ghana, and after studying in the UK, returned to work in the oil industry there. But Christian ministry soon beckoned, first in student ministry (in IFES) and then at Nairobi Baptist Church in Kenya. It was while there that Gottfried not only attended Lausanne, but, as we hear in this interview, was approached to become the first international director or General Secretary of the Lausanne Movement.

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Why should I read John Stott?

Why should I read John Stott?

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